Dear Parents,

Your Board of Directors has been meeting during the offseason to plan for the upcoming 2022 ball hockey season.  We have already received a huge amount of interest from previous and new players wanting to know when they can sign up.  Excitement is ramping up for the season ahead!

Over the past five years, there has been a national trend in ball hockey towards divisional tiering.  This is a system where players with similar levels of ball hockey experience and abilities are matched up, creating two tiers within divisions.  Several associations in the lower mainland have adopted this system over the last two years.  This season, half of all lower mainland ball hockey associations will be tiering. The tiered half will not interlock with non-tiered associations and will host a separate provincials tournament.

Tiering has been discussed by the RSDMBHA at the Board and Provincial Board levels for a number of years.  In the past, the RSDMBHA has not had enough players for this to be a serious option.  However, our association has grown to a point where tiering has become viable. There are some questions with regards to the Minors Division because other associations may not be supporting tiering at level.  If this is the case then Minors may not be a part of the tiering system.

The move is subject to registration totals and the development of an interlocking schedule with other tiered associations.

The Board of Directors feels that this will best position the RSDMBHA to keep up with this evolving trend in ball hockey, provide a better experience for all players, and give players of all skill sets the opportunity for greater involvement with their team.

The Board recognizes that there will be numerous questions about this new system.  Internally, we have formed a committee to develop the structure of the tiering system and the player evaluations to support it.  We are also engaged with our partner associations throughout the lower mainland to ensure that we are supporting each other through this transition.

This is an exciting time for ball hockey and we look forward to seeing all of you back for the 2022 season.



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